5 Key Takeaways from the GSV Leaders Summit

Deborah Quazzo, GSV Ventures, Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State and Arne Duncan, Former Secretary of Education
  1. Many of us are focused on the challenge of developing solutions to make education more affordable and equitable.
  2. That being said, some of the big ideas around the student debt crisis have generated unintended consequences– negatively impacting the students who are the focus of these very solutions. Tom Woolf, the Founder and CEO of EdAid: an authorized platform focused on driving access to education, pointed to the current figuration of Income-Share Agreementsas an example of a concept that has essentially doubled the cost of education for a low-income student compared to their wealthy student counterparts.
  3. Our conversation often focused on how we can create a common language and standard metrics to better consolidate our work and serve the best interests of the learners whom we all want to succeed.
  4. Most importantly, I was reminded that, in a room of influential stakeholders, thought leaders and policymakers, it is critical to include people who are most impacted by the problem in the conversation. We need students, unemployed folks and low-income workers to push our thinking, validate new concepts, share in the benefits and shape the future in a way that complements — rather than dismantles — their own work.

Innovating + Investing at the intersections of the Future of Work, Race and Equity. Twitter: @angjack

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