The Skills Revolution: Preparing for Life After COVID-19

Four tips to future-proof jobs and reskill workers

  • Reskilling needs to be rapid. Even before coronavirus swept the world into a lockdown, reskilling practices needed to be flexible. Now more than ever, we need programs that workers can complete from home at a rapid pace, reaching vulnerable workers displaced by drastic unemployment spikes.
  • Solutions must be human. We need solutions that play to the innate, transferable strengths of individuals — abilities like creativity, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. In the age of automation and a widening skills gap, the labor outcomes will disproportionately affect certain demographics, and programs need to account for that in the design and deployment.
  • Success is benchmarked by careers. Robust, meaningful reskilling initiatives must be measured by long-term placement in upward career paths. The skills that we equip new workers with must connect to the fastest-growing professions of the future — effectively future-proofing their future paths.

Innovating + Investing at the intersections of the Future of Work, Race and Equity. Twitter: @angjack

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