We can’t train our way to equity

But here’s what philanthropy CAN do

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  • The playbook is out the window: All of us are feeling a sense of urgency right now — we are chasing systems-change innovation, hoping to create impact beyond the immediate safety net for American families. For grantmaking organizations, now is the time to support their grantees in flexible ways to help them meet success and sustain wins. For organizations with a commitment to serving underinvested communities, disrupting funding disparities — the “philanthropic redlining” that many leaders of color experience — needs to be central to their work.
  • Be the wind in each other’s sails: I heard so many stories of how colleagues, friends and family are coming together to support one another. This may have been the first conversation between this group of women, but I certainly hope it is not the last. For Black women, in particular, it’s these circles of trust that allow us to hold space to navigate the complex intersections and systems that we’re centered within. This type of community-building is also true for allied funders, founders, and anyone leading an organization — we need not only spaces for connection but the resources to amplify each other’s work.

Innovating + Investing at the intersections of the Future of Work, Race and Equity. Twitter: @angjack

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